Facing the Future of L&D With Creator-Centric Learning [Infographic]

There are five seismic forces threatening the future of L&D. In this infographic, we explore how the response to them will require new talent and learning strategies that inspire and engage the workforce, as well as the right learning technologies and talent management systems.

From a technological perspective, creator-centric platforms have enormous potential. They can inspire and engage different demographics and transfer more creative power to employees, while still being guided by L&D. Learning professionals will inevitably find their roles changing to accommodate all this change, but the platforms themselves have the power to assist the transition.

This infographic, featuring insights from our ebook “Our Creator-Centric Future: How to Build Effective Learning Programs in a World Where Everyone Is a Creator takes a closer look at:

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A version of this post originally appeared on PeopleFluent.com

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