Everyone Is a Creator: How to Rise to 3 Challenges Posed by Creator-Centric Learning [Infographic]

A Learning Experience Platform’s (LXP) creator-centric approach can answer three key needs in your business. From onboarding Gen Z (a creator-centric generation if ever there was one) to retaining the knowledge of retirement-age employees and promoting a universal “learn like you live” philosophy, this infographic explores key facts and trends.

L&D’s work always extends beyond an employee’s current role. Technologies like LXPs democratize L&D and may be key in helping us nurture employee creativity and build skills such as video and presentation production. They also provide a much-needed solution to workforce challenges that lie ahead.

The following infographic, built using insights from our recent ebook “Our Creator-Centric Future: How to Build Effective Learning Programs in a World Where Everyone Is a Creator, explores:

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A version of this post originally appeared on PeopleFluent.com

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