Features of Instilled LXP

Learning Content Delivery

Deliver relevant and timely content in an environment that supports an efficient learning culture.

Enhance the learning experience with a YouTube-like solution that’s flexible and familiar to learners, with the structure and security organizations require. Master knowledge management and deliver traditional eLearning content alongside user-generated microlearning and third-party content in an elegant interface.

Key Features of Instilled Content Delivery

Eliminate Aimless Browsing

Use permissions to guide learners through the right curriculums.

Search to Moments in Time

Find the exact content you need within playlists, slides, chapters, comments, and video transcripts.

Collaborate Inline & in Context

Enable interactions, commenting, and discussions with peers and SMEs within the content.

Filter & Sort Content

Display results by comments, views, subscriptions, publish date, or engagement.

Subscribe, Bookmark & Share

Save content to reference later, help others discover relevant content, and share content with others via embed codes, links, email, or QR codes.

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