Features of Instilled LXP

Creation of Learning Content

Easily create, curate, and share collections of interactive, video and eLearning content with just a few clicks.

The Instilled by PeopleFluent LXP efficiently captures the organizational knowledge that tends to be lost through role changes and transitions. Instilled’s cloud-based creation tools allow any employee (with permission) to start creating beautiful content in seconds. A built-in, lightweight video editor enables users to “scratch the tape off” their webcams and document their valuable knowledge.

With the integrated gomo eLearning authoring platform, you can create any type of eLearning content—including quizzes, assessments, and more.

Instilled Learning Experience Platform creation
Instilled learning experience platform creation screenshot
Instilled learning experience platform creation screenshot

Key Features of Instilled Content Creation

Record & Capture

Record video directly within the Instilled LXP, and use integrated screen capture to create application training with ease.

Transcribe & Translate

Instilled transcribes any video, audio, or screen capture—including closed captions. Automatically translate captions into more than 100 languages instantly to reach your global audiences.

Edit & Trim

Easily edit auto-generated caption files and quickly trim snippets.

Chapter & Highlight

Add time-stamped, searchable chaptering throughout content, as well as callouts to pinpoint areas of interest.

Coordinate & Amplify

Synchronize related slides and PDFs to coordinate with specific moments in video or audio files.

Use Enhanced Authoring

One-click access to gomo’s award-winning authoring tool lets you create beautiful, responsive, and adaptive HTML5 eLearning content in minutes.

Build Multimedia Playlists

Create a unified experience by combining webcam video, legacy courses, quick assessments, and more.

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