Features of Instilled LXP

Learning Analytics

Access purposeful reports that help you analyze learning, discover trends, and identify content gaps in real time.

The Instilled by PeopleFluent LXP features integrated xAPI tracking and reporting from the world’s leading learning record store (LRS) and learning analytics platform (LAP). Authorized users can view system-wide reports and aggregate user data across the entire learning experience platform (LXP).

Instilled learning experience platform analytics screenshot
Instilled learning experience platform analytics screenshot

Key Features

Content Usage

See exactly how learners are interacting with content and use that data to help generate new and updated content.

System Usage

Identify learning patterns in how users access the delivery platform so you can intervene at the moment of need.

User Activity

Analyze leaderboards of your most active users to help drive better utilization, and compare groups and cohorts across the organization to identify patterns in learning performance.

Assessment Performance

Demonstrate knowledge acquisition and performance improvements to ensure training is effective.

Enhanced Analytics Option

Upgrade to Watershed’s Enterprise learning analytics platform to build your own reports, examine performance and training data in one place, and measure learning’s impact on the business.

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