Brand-New Instilled Video Plugin Available for Open LMS Clients

Announcing a brand-new Instilled Video plugin available for Open LMS clients

Through a new partnership and integration between Instilled and Open LMS, sister companies within Learning Technologies Group, Open LMS clients will now have access to the robust video learning capabilities offered by Instilled. The brand-new video connector allows Open LMS users to easily create, edit, and upload video content into their courses. The integration marks the beginning of a continuous improvement that’s set to expand over time, with clients’ needs at the center of the functionalities available today and the features to come.

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Improving Video Delivery Within Open LMS

The Instilled development team set out with the objective to help solve video management and delivery within the Open LMS environment. Prior to this integration, Open LMS clients had the ability to upload video content but in a manner that wasn’t as efficient, as videos had to be locally downloaded and then uploaded into courses multiple times. 

With Instilled, video content management becomes easier for instructors, as they can upload content once into a media gallery that serves as a repository for anyone within the same academic or corporate community, and learners obtain an improved learning experience that encourages learning through video and increases student retention.

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Benefits of Instant Video Learning

The new integration provides Open LMS clients with:

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When installed within the Open LMS instance, Instilled videos appear as a learning activity that’s easy to navigate for end-users. Instilled supports a huge variety of video formats, and clients can either choose from videos already within their media gallery or can drag and drop new content regardless of file size. Editing videos is as easy as clicking away to trim, remove segments of content that are irrelevant to a course, and adding and timing presentations to go alongside the video content to create an engaging learning experience.

“Instilled is incredibly excited to launch its integration and partnership with Open LMS. This will allow Open LMS customers to take advantage of Instilled’s incredibly powerful video functionality without ever having to leave the LMS. We believe this is only the beginning of what we will be able to do together, and this is a great example of how being a part of Learning Technologies Group helps drive increased innovation and access to technology across all group companies,” said Jeff Fissel, Vice President of Solutions at Instilled.

A free one-month trial is available for Open LMS clients through My Account. 

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