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How to Mobilize Teams to Create and Upload Video Content

LXPs enable video content creation for everyone in the organization, not just L&D teams. Here’s how PeopleFluent successfully adopted video across departments.

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7 Ways of Overcoming Obstacles to User-Generated Video Learning Content

The way organizations view and mobilize user-generated content varies between companies. See how to overcome common obstacles to employee video content creation here.

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Are You Shifting to Self-Directed Learning? Here’s How to Do It Right

Self-directed learning is taking off and having the right technology and flexibility to support learners will be essential to their success.

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Creator-Centric Video: The New Normal for Corporate Learning?

Video has become an essential part of today´s corporate landscape and choosing the right video platform for your organization is the key.

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When Features Aren’t What Matters: Choosing the Right Technology for Your Organization

Choosing the right technology for your business isn’t about the amount of features on offer. Here’s what to look for and avoid in your next tech addition.

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Everything You Wanted to Know About LXPs (But Were Too Afraid to Ask)

Discover everything you need to know to understand the current LXP market, and why (and whether) you would ever need one.

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What’s the Difference Between an LMS and an LXP? [Buyer’s Guide]

Learn more about the differences between an LXP and an LMS and which one is the best learning solution for your organization.

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Hollywood Hacks: 4 Ideas for Affordable, Professional-Quality Video Learning Content

Four ideas for leveraging the power of Hollywood-style storytelling and improving our learning messages, as well as some affordable, easily accessible equipment options.

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How We Measure: Utilizing Learning Technology to Measure Performance Impact

Again, we look into our recent ‘Learn Like You Live’ ebook and explore 8 ways to use learning tech for performance measurement.

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