eLearning Software Game-Changers: Making the Most of Video Learning Technology

Video learning technology is an eLearning software game-changer as it offers companies the opportunity to easily transcribe and translate learning content

With the fourth industrial revolution well underway, there are new and exciting innovations in eLearning software all the time. But how does one separate the truly game-changing technology from the rest of the pack?

Game changer!

Think about it. Those are some pretty powerful words.

Game-changing software could mean any number of things. It could be that you have an athlete who’s so incredibly good that putting them in the game can truly mean the difference between winning and losing. It could be a new drug that is so effective, it could mean the difference between long hospital stays and eventual death, to being cured and living a long happy life.

Or, it could be a piece of technology that literally cuts hundreds of man-hours and tens of thousands of dollars off the cost of a job.

eLearning Software Game-Changers

Well, ‘game changer’ is just what Instilled has been described as being. Here are a couple of examples.

Example One: We Eat Our Own Dog Food

A global customer of ours was asking for training—in person—of our sister company gomo’s award-winning authoring tool for some of their employees in various East Asian countries. This meant flying one of the gomo employees, Solution Architect Huw Edwards, halfway around the world to be gone for well over a week. On top of that, Huw would need a translator because most, if not all of the client’s employees don’t speak English. This would have been an endeavor that would have cost tens of thousands of dollars in travel, accommodation, and time. Then add in the time spent coordinating getting everyone together in a room at the same time and—whew!

Well, you get the picture…

The Solution: Easy Video Captioning and Translation

With Instilled, Huw used the screen capturing functionality to record the lesson. It automatically converted his speech to text with a near 97% accuracy. After a few tweaks, he set the automatic translation to translate to Korean, Japanese, and the other required languages. In about five minutes, it was done. He then distributed this course to the client in Asia who took it and distributed it to the learners.

Learners took the course at their leisure—they didn’t have to travel. They could pause and rewind as it suited them. With Instilled’s collaborative functionality, they could ask questions and get a response. This solution saved the client thousands of dollars in travel expenditures, hiring a translator, paying for our trainer’s time and travel, etc. They now have a course that can be distributed to anyone else at any time. Learners can go back and re-watch any part of it and access it for reference. Retention and overall satisfaction was a total success.

That was a game changer.

Example Two: eLearning Software that Dramatically Reduces Transcribing Time

We have a client that distributes continuing education to financial professionals in China. Before Instilled, their SMEs would record their lectures and send the video off for transcribing. Each lesson was about an hour in length and for the person whose job it is to transcribe these videos, it would take around 6-8 hours per video. Then, the transcriber would send the transcript off to China to be translated by her colleague there, which would add on several hours of additional work. All in all, the organization was looking at between 10-13 hours of work per video.

Now multiply that by 40 or more and that’s a minimum of 400 man-hours of work.

The Solution: Quick Turnaround

To save hundreds of hours transcribing videos, all they have to do is import the video files into Instilled. Automatic transcribing on a single hour-long course takes about four minutes (instead of the usual 6-8 hours). Add an extra 15 minutes to clean up any incorrect words, plus another few minutes to translate to Chinese. Once the transcript was sent to China, they said that the translation was at an accuracy in the high 90 percentile. That’s easily fixed by factoring in another 20-30 minutes to change that.

All in all, time spent transcribing the eLearning videos went from an average of 11.5 hours per course to less than 1 hour.

Now that’s a game-changer!

A version of this post originally appeared on the gomo blog.

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